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"Wonderful program ! Excellent hands-on learning experience. your brush painting was very beautiful. The demonstration & explanation really promoted understanding. All students enjoyed the opportunity to try out the techniques & were able to incorporate them into classroom activities." -Mary Bauer, 8th Grade Teacher, St. Lenard's School

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Workshops for Grades K - 12

chinesepainting2.gif (17400 bytes)Explore Chinese heritage through traditional arts, which captures the rich cultures and symbols that have survived 5,000 years in the Far East.

  • Examine more than 20 pieces of original brush paintings on silk or rice paper.
  • Learn techniques and tools of Chinese brush painting.
  • Observe demonstration of Biao Hua. brush2.gif (4250 bytes)
  • Marvel at exquisite paper cuttings.
  • Practice basics of Calligraphy.
  • Create various Origami objects.

arts-logo.gif (24656 bytes)Your students also can learn from videos:

Chinese painting & culture : $39.00
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Chinese paper cuts & culture : $39.00

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