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...about A Real Trip to China...

" ...the art, architecture, temples, palaces and features.... the oriental music adds to the atmosphere. "Spring Festival" covers everyday events to the celebration of Chinese New Year.... Libraries and media specialists should add it to their collections." -School Library Journal

...about Amazing Performances by Children...

"... Actual performances by attractive, well-trained Chinese children....imitate ducks, dolls, silkworms....acrobatics are frequently incorporated. Various kinds of music, costumes..." -School Library Journal


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"A Real Trip to China" (Two programs in one tape)
Video tape A -  for grades 1 - 8  ISBN 1-888596-00-7

Part one : A Real Trip to China

Travel to Beijing, Xian, Suzhou, Hang Zhou and Shanghai. See the Great Wall and other ancient sites, famous mountains, rivers, traditional culture and the changing face of China.

Part two : Spring Festival

Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year. See how Chinese people prepare for and participate in various celebrations. 39 minutes - $49.00

"Amazing Performances by Children"
amazing.gif (21212 bytes)Video tape B -  for grades K - 9 
ISBN : 1-888596-03-1
Learn about Chinese culture and children's life through watching their amazing performances. Ten imaginative stage dances by energetic Chinese children dressed in various bright costumes interpret a wide variety of stories, games and traditions. With verve, grace and acrobatic skill, they portray frisky schoolboys, gentle butterflies, little ducks, and drummers, accompanied by lively music. This video will enchant and educate youthful audiences everywhere! All songs & dances have brief explanations in English. Children can stand up and dance along and see how other children use their talents to their full potential.

29 minutes - Revised Edition $49.00


"Traditional Chinese Festivals"
Video tape C  -   for grades 6 -12

Featuring Chinese families celebrating : 1) The Chinese New Year, 2) The Dragon Boat Festival, and 3) The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. - $69.00

"West Meets East"                                                                                                 Video tape D - for grades K -12

Featuring American students learning about Chinese Culture through the music, & motion of Qiu Min Ji in the interactive West Meets East Assembly program. To learn more about the Assembly, visit West Meets East    - $39.00

"CACBC Concert Tour to China!"                                                                                                    Videotape E - for grades 6 - 12

Join J.M.'s sister organization as they embark on a Concert Tour to China with the New Trier High School Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble! From the Great Wall in Beijing to the Capital of Henan, from the ancient town of Kaifeng to the ancient Kung Fu Shaolin Temple and the gigantic Buddhas in Luoyang - This video really lets you experience China from the perspective of young musicians sharing their talents and exchanging cultures with China. 26 minutes - $39.00



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