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Dragon Dance or Lion Dance

In American people often call it the dragon dance, but in China people call it the Lion Dance.

Colorful hand-made and
vividly painted lion head together with a detailed silk body cover (for two or more students to get in). A fabulous way to bring  Asian culture to life! Perfect for school decoration and Chinese New Year celebration.

Price: $395.00

Silk Scarf Ribbons

Real silk scarf ribbons in pink, and primary colors (red, yellow & blue) can be used in both Ribbon Dance Parade and Yang Ge Parade. These ancient folk dances magically transfer the culture of the East to the West!

Silk Scarf ribbon Size A : 6 1/2 feet x 7" wide

1 Ribbon: $18.00

4 Ribbons: $69.00

12 Ribbons: $150.00

Silk Scarf ribbon Size B : 10 1/2   feet x 9" wide

1 Ribbon: $25.00

4 Ribbons: $95.00

12 Ribbons: $220.00

Audio Tape - Chinese New Year Music and Rhythm

rhythm.gif (8074 bytes)Authentic Chinese New Year celebration
music with traditional and contemporary
rhythm played on various traditional
Chinese musical instruments and
percussions. Wonderful accompany for
ribbon dance, dragon or lion dance
parade, and other Chinese cultural

($25 each)

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