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Original Brush Painting on Silk

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Original brush painting on silk,
size : 13 3/4" x 15 15/16"

Paper Cuttings

(Click on thumbnails to see larger image)

These are hand-made exquisite color paper cuttings by famous paper cutting artists from China. 

The origins of Chinese paper cuttings can be traced back as early as 5 AD, when paper was first produced. They are comprised of extremely delicate cuts made by scissors or knives in an unbroken continuous manner.

Chinese paper cuttings are used for many purposes, and are used widely during special celebrations and festivals �C especially on the New Year. These art pieces represent the oriental tradition and the cultural symbols which have been in existence for many centuries.

 Peking Opera Figures

These figures vividly express the dancing, fighting, and the bright costumes of the famous Peking Opera.

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Approx. size 4" 3"

Your set of 4 figures may not be exact, but will be similar to the figures above

Set of Four Peking Opera Figures - $9.50

Peking Opera Masks

These paper cuttings depict the colors and expressions of the traditional masks used in Peking Opera. 

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Approx. size 4" 3"

Your set of 4 masks may not be exact, but will be similar to the masks above

Peking Opera Masks (set of 4)  - $9.50

Oriental Beauties

These Beauties depict the traditional Chinese instruments, and the traditional Chinese garments worn by women. The fine cuts made to show the hair and the details of their dress are truly beautiful.

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Approx. size 7" x 11"

Beauty Playing the Flute - $18.00

Beauty Playing the Sanxian - $18.00

Beauty Playing the Pipa - $18.00

Set of Three Beauties - $50.00


Dragons are a very important symbol in Chinese Culture, and represent Power and Strength.

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Approx. Size 4" x 3"

Your set of 4 dragons may not be exact, but will be similar to the dragons above

Set of 4 Dragons - $9.50

Flower Baskets

These delicate baskets inn purple, blue or green (not shown)  are finely detailed and make a beautiful addition to home or office.

    wpe1E.jpg (13220 bytes)   wpe22.jpg (13220 bytes)

Set of Two Flower Baskets - $9.50

Wise Man (Longevity Symbol)

In China, there is a story of a wise old man who lives way up in the mountains and grows peaches on his peach tree with his crane. Legend says that anyone who sees this man, his crane, or eats from his peach tree will live to a ripe-old age! (These make great Birthday and Fathers Day gifts!)

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Approx. Size 4" x 3"

Your set of 4 men may not be exact, but will be similar to the wise men above

Set of Four Wise Men - $9.50


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