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J. M. Oriental Arts, Inc. -- the unique service for the Education Field for more than 8 years.

we are a group of American Citizens who immigrated from China, Taiwan and have been professional performers, artist, musicians and educators.

We believe that arts is the most powerful language to foster culture affirmation, bridge cultural understanding and to bring peace and harmony to our multicultural society.

Based on our belief, we have visited thousands of schools. Our live music and dance performances and art workshops have reached out to over a million of American children and young adults.

We integrated the authentic Chinese music, traditional arts with current curriculums in K-12 schools. Our books, videotapes, music tape and other educational materials are designed to bridge the information gap in the K-12 education, and now are being used by thousands of educators. Thank you very much for visiting our web site. We welcome your comments, suggestions.


Qiu Min Ji

A well-known Chinese musician, a certified bilingual teacher, a professional and a consultant. Her concerts presentations have received honors including :

John Kittridge Education Award   (1991)
National Endowment for the Arts (1993/1997)
Illinois Arts Council Apprenticeship
Illinois Arts Council Fellowship (1997)

Mrs. Ji's numerous concerts and cultural programs including :

University of Chicago Folk Festival
Chicago Art Institute & Chicago Field Museum
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Concerts
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Her performance has reached to more than a million American children.

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"Qiu Min Plays the Erhu with great skill and feeling. The Erhu has such a beautiful quality ! It's a great opportunity for us to hear and to see this exotic instrument being played at our concerts !"

Francisco Ailro, Asst. Concert Master
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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Gao Hong

A well-known Chinese musician - a professional Pipa player for about 10 years before she immigrated to the U.S.

Gao Hong has given numerous touring concerts in China, Japan and the United States, such as New York, Pittsburgh1, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Pennsylvania. Her performance has received honors including :

International Art Cup Award in Beijing, 1990 Jenome Foundation Travel and Study Award, 1997. Mcknight Fellowship for performing musician, 1997 Minnesota Artist Assistance Fellowship in 1997.

More other artists, musicians are available.

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